Professional Document Storage

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Sooner or later every business is faced with the problem of where to store their inactive but necessary business records. With the problem of paper being used, doubling and tripling every day, the problem only becomes bigger as it consumes expensive staff time and overhead expenses such as lighting, rent and storage racking costs. Increasing office space to accommodate old records is not only an expensive proposition but also does not offer a long-term solution. As the space availability decreases, the ability to organize, manage and retrieve important documents becomes ever more difficult.

We at Professional Document Storage have the solution to your problem. Now with Professional Document Storage there is a cost-effective alternative to store paper-based documents, files, drawings, plans, test results etc. in an off-site location without any pitfalls.

Storage of files:
The files are stored in a secured, fire protected, well-ventilated and environmentally sound building.The racking system and cartons used are of a strong and superior quality. The storage area is specially equipped with a Dry Fire Fighting System.

Complete Record Management Services:
Let us take the drudgery out of your workload allowing you to release staff for more profitable and rewarding tasks. Professional Document Storage offers a complete cataloguing service tailored to the level of detail you require, e.g. by box and file within a box. Our computer system offers a range of report options incorporating search criteria designed by the client.

Quick Retrieval:
A complete carton can be delivered to the customer within 24 hours or on an emergency basis, within 4 hours of receiving a written request/fax, authorised by select personnel only.

Confidential Destruction:
Destruction of outdated documents complete the system of professional record management. Why pay storage on documents that will never be referenced again or are too confidential to throw away? A "Certificate of Destruction" will be issued to clients as proof of document destruction.

Our Services:We will help you prepare your records for storage, bar code them for instantaneous, error-free identification, deliver them to our records center, maintain them with care, deliver those you need and destroy them when you desire. We store your inactive files for a fraction of what it's now costing you. Through our computerised bar-coding system, you can now be assured of rapid and accurate retrieval of records.

Instantaneous Locator:
Your records are computerised so that we can find exactly what you need in a matter of minutes. Misfiles are virtually eliminated. We probably can retrieve it faster than your own file clerks could... and you can choose the method of delivery.
Our records center can be looked at as an extension of your office... at far less cost.

It's Safer Than Your Own Office:
No one but the individuals you authorize and our bonded records specialist will know your "assigned" code and have access to your records.
You can be sure the information in your files is safe from prying eyes.
Your material is protected from fire, theft and unauthorized persons.

Absolutely Secure Building:
Our building is fully covered for fire and theft. Our shelving was developed for the specific purposes of storing records. Our storage boxes are designed to last!

Consulting Service:
We'll coordinate activities with your records staff so that record retrievals or added storage needs are handled simply and easily. We'll also help with a destruction program when your inactive files are no longer needed. That means added savings.

The more communication between our company and yours the more likelihood a greater degree of satisfaction will ensue and your inactive records problems will be a thing of the past. Your records are only a phone call away.

Professional Document Storage offers a variety of flexible access programs to accommodate the needs of your busy office.

Whatever be your needs for file storage and management services, we at Professional Document Storage can offer you a cost-effective alternate to your present method of record storage.