Professional Document Storage

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About Us

Professional Document Storage is a record management company that specializes in off-site storage and retrieval of active and inactive business records, where accuracy, confidentiality and customer service are the key elements. We offer low cost options for clients wishing to store their paper-based documents, files, drawings, plans, test results etc. in an off-site locations without any pitfalls.

The office records storage is a very commonly used facility in all the developed countries of the World, e.g. United States, United Kingdom, Australia etc. We at Professional Document Storage have obtained the technical know how and professional expertise from an U.S. based consultancy firm, who are pioneers in the record storage business.

At Professional Document Storage, we appreciate and value your business, and it shows in how we handle your possessions. We offer personalized solutions, a commitment to measure and improve daily performance, and perform with the sense of urgency you expect from us!

Using a computerised tracking system, your documents will be stored confidentially in a safe, secure facility. Our computer system enables us to access your documents at a moments notice.

When you decide to have records picked up or delivered, we have our door to door services for pickup of cartons as well as for retrieval. Our people shall come to your doorstep, clean, inventorise and pack the files in corrugated boxes, which are designed to accomodate office files and box files.

We ensure that your files, which are packed in our cartons, are safe, clean, well protected in a clean environment and pollution free area. Our premises are regularly cleaned and undergo pest control. No activity of any kind is allowed at our warehouse except storage ie of cartons. At all times the premises are kept locked.

Confidential, certified record destruction is available. You will receive a certificate of destruction for all disposed records.